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A team of researchers have developed an online intervention that aims to empower transgender male and non-binary youth through the use of

  1. Video tutorials – Six themed educational tutorials on gender, power and prejudice with extracts from queer youth giving a voice to their experiences.
  2. Online Community Building – Giving young queer people the opportunity to build online communities with networks of other young queer people in the UK and collectively create an online space to promote awareness, educate and inspire others on the issues and experiences that matter to them.

It seems to me that too often that trans and non-binary youth get spoken for whether this be in the newspapers, media, or day to day.  Everyone seems to have an opinion, but is it the opinion that really matters?  Is it their everyday experience?

I want to give some power and a voice back to the youth in educating and informing others on trans lives and issues.

Use your voice…spread the ViBE!

The intervention is part of a larger PhD project titled: Queer Masculinities and Everyday Prejudice: Developing an Intervention to Empower Trans and Non-Binary Youth.

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